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Towards the Realization of Patient-centered Healthcare

By putting the patient at the center, two services are offered to meet the needs and wishes of the patient and the healthcare professionals who support the patient's treatment, in order to continue the most appropriate treatment.
Patients are the most important stakeholders in healthcare and we want to be their supporters, like our clients. Our services strengthen engagement with patients and healthcare professionals, and contribute to the realization of effective healthcare.

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Overview of Services

Patient support programs

Improvement of Patient Adherence to Treatment and Quality of Life
As part of the Patient Support Program (PSP), qualified nurses provide information about the disease and the medicines covered, help with daily living issues and provide drug administration support. We contribute to promoting patient centricity through programs that are patient-oriented, improve adherence and retention, and lead to improved quality of life for each individual.


  • A dedicated nurse is assigned to each patient.
  • A patient who has been referred by a doctor applies for participation by the patient's own will.
  • Telephone and email inquiries are handled in addition to regular contact.

Note: In accordance with Japanese regulations, PSP nurses do not provide support that constitutes medical treatment, such as assisting with medical treatment or responding to consultations involving medical decisions.

Examples of Supported Items

Treatment and Medical Examinations
  • Drug administration/Medication check
  • Drug administration/Medication reminders
  • Hospital visit reminders
  • Provision of side-effect information
Disease Education
  • Provision of disease-specific information (including provision of materials)
  • Provision of drug information
  • Correct medication/Drug administration protocol
  • Various resource guides (e.g. web-based public information)
Life and Family
  • Introduction to various medical expense subsidy programs
  • Tips and advice for everyday life
  • Consultation on family problems
  • Guidance on where to seek appropriate advice

Nurse educator

Contributing to the Promotion of Appropriate Product Use through Education for Nurses
Increased Engagement with Pharmaceutical Companies through Improved Adherence
As the number of stakeholders requiring information on medicines increases, it is becoming increasingly important to provide information to healthcare professionals other than doctors in order to improve patient satisfaction. Nurse educators effectively approach medical staff using their expertise in patient care.
Nurse educators have not always had a high awareness in Japan, but in recent years they have been on the rise and the benefits of this profession have been increasingly recognized.

Main Usage Situations

  • Teaching complex medication and procedures

Raise awareness of correct use, including the development of patient guides and manuals.

  • Ensuring advanced product management

Dissemination of appropriate management practices contributes to increased confidence in the product among medical staff.

  • Guidance on the management of side effects

Promoting appropriate patient care can improve adherence.

  • Collecting insights from clinical practice

Gain insight from medical staff by communicating at eye level with nurses and others.

  • Maintaining and improving engagement

Post-implementation aftercare, through regular visits to facilities, contributes to maintaining and improving brand equity and relationships of trust.

We can also be of assistance with project proposals for a wide range of other needs.

Would you like to know more about our services?

As our solutions are client driven rather than prescriptive, there is insufficient space to describe all our services in detail. We also place great emphasis on explaining the interests of each and every one of our clients.
If you are interested in using our services and your needs are not yet specified, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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