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Addressing Unmet Needs and Insights with Robust Scientific Communication

CMIC Inizio's Medical Affairs business offers a full range of medical affairs solutions, from consultancy to organization, training and staffing services such as MSLs.

While the need for medical affairs is on the rise in Japan, the nature of medical affairs departments varies in terms of their history and the size of the company.

To meet the unique needs of each pharmaceutical company, CMIC Inizio can provide the best solution from its comprehensive portfolio of MA services. Services for individual clients are developed using the service experience of more than 50 corporate clients, the in-depth knowledge of the domestic market of the CMIC Group and the medical affairs expertise of the Inizio Group.

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Service Menu Overview

MA consulting

Enable Effective Optimization of Medical Affairs Activities

The size and role of medical affairs vary from company to company. CMIC Inizio's MA consulting always advocates the "ideal state" of a medical affairs organization and will work with you to create the medical affairs organization you desire.
To help your company achieve its medical affairs vision, in addition to the creation of a medical plan, we provide support in all aspects of medical affairs activities, including the establishment of a practical framework, the development of various systems and documents, and training plans to support the realization of high quality medical affairs activities.

Usage Situations

  • Formulating a Medical Plan

We provide a wide range of support for effective medical planning, including patient and HCP surveys and the creation of patient journeys.

  • Establishing MA Organizations

We provide full support in the creation of SOPs and various operational structures required to set up a new organization.

  • Organizational Reform of the MA Sector

Depending on the maturity of the organization, we can make the best recommendations to solve problems and improve operational efficiency.

  • Development of Human Resource and Education Systems

We provide support for the external evaluation (assessment) of members of the department and for the establishment of competency-based development systems.

In addition, interviews can be used to provide consultation on a range of other medical affairs issues.

KOL/STL/KEE Selection (Operational Support)

  • Target selection when entering a new area
  • Update and maintenance of existing lists
  • Create additional lists on an axis that is different from the existing lists
Scope of Work Contracted

We have experience in more than 20 different disease areas, including.

  • Cancer
  • Immunology
  • Rare diseases
  • Central nervous system
  • Viral and infectious diseases
  • Cardiovascular organ
  • Hematology
  • Respiratory organ
  • Respiratory organ
  • Ophthalmology
  • (as of July 2023)

Materials Review (Operational Support)

  • Review of the speakers' slides
  • Review of promotional materials
  • Review of medical-related materials
  • Review of promotional materials to be used in overseas markets
  • Create and review MI and call center response scripts, etc.

(Human Resource Services) FAMOUS©

Part of the MA/MSL service is carried out within the framework of an outsourcing contract.
Our managers issue work instructions based on prior consultation. For pharmaceutical companies struggling to attract top talent, this is a unique service that can make a significant contribution.
FAMOUS: Our own service name, derived from FAST MA/MSL Outsourcing Service.

Key features

  • Efficient collection of information (e.g. facts and insights) in a limited time frame.
  • Short-term identification and engagement of scientific thought leaders for the disease in question.
  • Contracted MSLs at senior level in the field of medical affairs to act as consultants.
  • Outsourcing of specific tasks such as medical education/medical information/publications.
  • Initial team building for the start-up of the organization.

(Human Resource Services) MA/MSL Human Resource Staffing

Assign resources to work as part of the client's MA/MSL team.
A manager is assigned to each MA/MSL to conduct interviews based on evaluation feedback to members and to provide guidance and training through OJT/Off-JT where appropriate.

MA/MSL Training

Improving the Quality of Medical Affairs Work by Enhancing Individual Skills
The increasing importance of Medical Affairs and the expansion of the organization within a company requires a high level of competence from individual members of the department. Depending on the disease area and product lifecycle stage, we develop a range of outcome-based training programs.

Training Category

  • Training to develop medical plans
  • Introductory training for MA/MSL
  • Customized training
  • MSL training
  • Manager training

Would you like to know more about our services?

As our solutions are client driven rather than prescriptive, there is insufficient space to describe all our services in detail. We also place great emphasis on explaining the interests of each and every one of our clients.
If you are interested in using our services and your needs are not yet specified, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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