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The Company operates this website in accordance with the CMIC Group's website privacy policy as set out below.
ico_arrow_right_blue CMIC Group Privacy Policy

CMIC Group Global Privacy Policy

CMIC Group Top Management has recognized the importance of personal data dealt with in our business development scene and will protect the personal data according to the following principles. 

1. Collection of Personal Data

Personal data is collected in a legal and fair manner.
In CMIC Group, we collect personal data in legal and fair manner as well as obtaining prior consent by notifying or publically announce of our purpose.

2. Use of Personal Data and Purpose Specification

Personal data is used within the range of the explicit purpose of usage.
In CMIC Group, the collected personal data is used within the range of the purpose notified or announced in advance. For cases to exceed the range, the prior consent shall be obtained.

3. Data Quality and Security Safeguards of Personal Data

Rational security countermeasures are taken in order to maintain the accuracy of personal data and to secure safety.
In CMIC Group, we will endeavor to keep personal data accurate and up to date. For cases we delegate handling of personal data to the external vendors, we select vendors who can follow our personal data protection guideline stipulated in advance and also confirm the management status.

4. Control of Personal Data Principle

In-house structure/system for controlling personal data is maintained and adequately functioning.
In CMIC Group, we clarify the responsible person and also establish the system structure in order to handle the personal data is adequately managed. With the managing system, we handle the request from the individuals such as to providing the collected fact, location, purpose of the usage, information of the responsible personnel a personal information of the individuals.

5. Compliance with Local Regulations relating to the Personal Data Protection Principle

Personal data is handled in compliance with applicable national legislation like Laws, Ordinances, and other Regulations of each country.

In each company in CMIC Group, we follow regulations regarding personal data in each country. We also comply with regulations applicable beyond the countries or regions like GDPR.
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CMIC Group
Kazuo Nakamura, CEO

Effective Date as of October 1, 2011
modified on June 20, 2018

Privacy Statement

At CMIC Inizio, we believe that we are socially responsible for protecting our clients’ personal information. We demonstrate our respect for the privacy of our clients and users of this website with the following the privacy statement on handling information.

1. Personal information

CMIC Inizio collects personal information from users of the website only after obtaining their agreement. Personal information here refers to the user’s name, address, email address, telephone number, and other identifying information. We collect such information only when necessary for providing services via this website. Provision of personal information is not essential to use this website, but it will be required when the user wishes to access certain information and services; in such cases, the user’s agreement will be obtained beforehand.

2. Handling of collected information

All personal information collected is solely for the purpose of providing the services stated on this website, and such information will not be disclosed to third parties without prior permission. Disclosure or other use will occur in legitimate circumstances only.

3. Personal information management

Personal and other information received by the Company will not be disclosed to or used by any third party, except in one of the following cases:

  • if the user's prior consent has been obtained;
  • if the provision of the information is required by law; or
  • if an exception as the disclosure of personal data to third parties is permitted under the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

However, the above category of third parties does not include the following cases:

  • where the Company outsources all or part of the processing of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose for which the personal information is used;
  • where personal information is transferred as a result of a business succession, merger or other reasons.; and
  • where personal information is used by sharing with a specific third party.

4. Cookies

Cookie Policy

This cookie policy complements and explains the CMIC Group's website privacy policy, including the use of cookies on this website ( and any sub-domain sites).

Cookies are a function that allows the storage of browsing information (number of visits, pages viewed, etc.) in the web browser of the user's device (PC, smartphone or other Internet-enabled devices). In order to collect access log information about certain users, the website uses cookies. Please note that the cookie information used on this website does not identify individuals unless prior consent has been obtained.
If you choose to decline cookies, you can still use the site, but some features of the site may not function properly.


  1. The purpose of using cookies
  2. Services to distribute advertisements
  3. Browsing data analysis
  4. Suspension of visit history collection
1. Use and purpose of cookies

Our site uses cookies to collect certain information about users for the following purposes:

<Identification and analysis of site usage>
- To provide users with accurate information
- To improve the user experience
- To improve our services

<Advertisement distribution>
- To provide users with accurate information
- To improve the quality of advertisements 

2. Tools to monitor and analyze usage

We use the following tools to collect information about the browsers, applications and devices you use, the content you view and your behavior on the site when analyzing data relating to your visits to our site.

■More information about Google Analytics (provided by Google LLC) 
■More information about Hubspot (provided by Hubspot Japan K.K.)
■EC Concier (provided by NTT DOCOMO, INC.)

If you do not want your information to be collected in this way, you can disable the use of the information by configuring your browser or by opting out with the relevant service provider.
However, if the user changes the Internet device or browser after deleting the cookies, the opt-out setting must be reset.

5. Links to other websites

This site shows links to several external websites, but personal information collected by us via this site will not be shared with these external sites. Please be sure to review the respective privacy policies when proving personal information on linked sites. Also, CMIC Inizio assumes no responsibility for the content of linked sites.

6. Confirmation of understanding

Please use this website after reviewing and agreeing to the contents of this policy. Our privacy policy is subject to change or revision without prior notice. Notifications of all changes will be posted on this website.

7. Comments, complaints, and objections about the Privacy Policy

If you find a violation of our privacy statement as explained here, please contact CMIC Inizio. After investigating any issues raised, we will contact you by e-mail and address the issue accordingly.

Inquiries About Privacy Policy
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